Rubber Sheeting

NR 33 Shore A Red Natural Rubber Sheet


Basic Info.

Model NO.:DW-0002
HS Code: 40082100

Product Description

Physical character: Made by ROTOCURE vulcanizing press or vulcanizing press with Thailand high quality natural rubber(NR) in China rubber sheet manufacturer. The natural rubber is from the natural rubber tree with middling hardness and high tensile strength, high elongation, good abrasion resistance, elasticity, safety and non-toxicity without smell. The pure natural rubber sheet is called gum rubber sheet or PARA rubber sheet in some country. 1-6mm thickness is made by ROTOCURE with shiny surface, 7-80mm thickness is made by vulcanizing press. it is used for the higher pressure, wearing resistant, food grade lining status at the temperature of -35° C - +85° C in air or water 

Material: Pure natural rubber or NR
Quality: Industrial grade, food grade
Color: Black, white, brown, beige, red, green etc.
Surface: Smooth/smooth, smooth/impression fabric, double impression fabric
Tensile strength: 2-22Mpa(maximum 3142PSI)
Hardness: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80+/-5shore A
Elongation: 170%-760%
Density: 1.05-1.70g/cm3
Working temperature: -35° C - +85° C
Thickness: 1.0-50.0mm
Width: 0.1-2.0m
Length: 1.0-20m
Our FLOOR SCRUBBER SQUEEGEES are made of 95% natural rubber. the newest formula provides very good tear resistant and wear resistance. the tear resistance and wear resistance are the most important factors to evaluate the performance of FLOOR SCRUBBER SQUEEGEES; high values provide you efficient and effective cleaning in very short time.  
Natural Rubber (NR): It is a natural product extracted from tropical plants.   it was collected from liquid and processed into dry rubber material. the liquid rubber is known as Latex. thus this kind of rubber also called Latex Rubber. It has excellent flexibility, tensile elongation & abrasion resistant. Pure natural rubber is an outstanding abrasion resistant material. The inherent properties of strength, resilience and cut resistance have a direct effect on wear performance.
we know Linatex is the leader of floor scrubber squeegees, it is doing quite well in the market. it is the best choice for OEM; while it is also known as an expensive product.  now our High performance natural rubber FLOOR SCRUBBER SQUEEGEES can be a substitute of linatex squeegee in red rubber with acceptable performance and lower cost. our grey color and red color   High performance natural rubber FLOOR SCRUBBER SQUEEGEES had been delivered to European OEM parts companies about ten years ago.
Why and How it was developed?
We got a request of formulating a rubber sheet to replace the expensive Linatex in 2010, and after six months of formula developments and tests, our client approved the samples and started stable ordering from us the High performance natural rubber squeegees sheet. It is made by the highest requirement not only on performance but also on thickness dimension tolerance than any other Chinese manufacturers. Our High performance natural rubber squeegees holds its shape well, and resists edge wear and tearing. It conforms well to rough or uneven surfaces, improving water pick-up.
One pass cleaning of the FLOOR SCRUBBER SQUEEGEES is related to rubber property and the very strict thickness tolerance control, no other factory in China has knowhow on even thickness control in natural rubber sheet production.
Size: 3.8mm, 4.8mm, 5.8mm thickness; 1.4m in width; 10m length.   You can order your own dimension for OEM.
Color: Red/Grey/Yellow/Green
What make the High performance natural rubber FLOOR SCRUBBER SQUEEGEES?
  • 95% Natural Rubber
  • Excellent abrasion/wear resistance in wet applications
  • Tear resistance or high tear tensile strength ensures constant vacuum pressure
  • Superior water pick-up and dry time performance/special shape and design
  • Flexibility/right hardness of rubber provides constant seal to profiled floor surfaces
  • Applied to front, rear and side squeegees

***when you enquiry, pls confirm the tensile strength, hardness, color, size and quantity***
22MPa, 40sh a, 740%, 1.05g/cm3 Pure Natural Rubber Sheet, Gum Rubber Sheet, PARA Rubber Sheet,
22MPa, 40sh a, 740%, 1.05g/cm3 Pure Natural Rubber Sheet, Gum Rubber Sheet, PARA Rubber Sheet,
22MPa, 40sh a, 740%, 1.05g/cm3 Pure Natural Rubber Sheet, Gum Rubber Sheet, PARA Rubber Sheet,