Rubber Molding

Molding products made with rubber or rubber bonding metal from tooling. capacity from small as a keypad to a rubber flexible soft connection for a big bus and passenger train. we also produce big rubber metal bonding blocks for the trains.

we have an experienced engineering team to design and help.


Beijing Dewei Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.  makes Custom Molded Rubber Parts. We are committed to delivering  quality molded rubber components on time and responsibility throughout the entire process, for the life of the relationship.


We receive client's samples or drawings and deliver quality molded parts to clients. we have abilit to work from CAD to tooling to production for our specific application. we can do Rubber to Metal Bonding, Rubber Injection, Transfer, Compression Custom Molding,Custom Rubber Molding, Custom Silicone Molding, Prototypes, Tooling, and Molds. Our Workshop has in house tooling design and production, we can finish the molds and tooling in short time.


Product Ranges: Rubber to Metal Bonding, dust boots,Rubber-to-Metal Bonding, rubber seals, oil seals, o-rings, X-rings, molded rubber pad, molded rubber cushions, rubber mounting, shock absorber, rubber grommets, rubber caps, wire rubber protector, silicone rubber molded parts. we produce Rubber expansion joint made of Masticated Rubber,  Flexible pipe coupling Rubber Expansion Joint/Rubber Flexible Joint/Metal Expansion Joint/Threaded Rubber Joint/Dismantling Joint.