Rubber Sheeting

SBR/NR General Purpose Rubber Sheet

Beijing Dewei Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd is  a leading Chinese NR/SBR Rubber Sheeting producer. Besides quality control measurements other manufacturers had invested, we have strict tolerance control on thickness by three points laser measuring instruments in our production. Ours Products are fully compliant to REACH, ROHS and PAH standards.

The High Quality NR/SBR blended Rubber sheet is a good gasket material due to excellent physical properties. Natural rubber has superior resilience, tensile, elongation and abrasion resistance, good low temperature flexibility and compression set and excellent adhesion to fabric and metals.

Vulcanized rubber sheets made from blend of good quality dry natural rubber, Synthetic styrene-Butadiene rubber and small quantity of reclaimed rubber, containing additives such as antioxidants, mineral and carbon black fillers for reinforcement and chemicals for vulcanization.




Shore A
Specific gravity



Elongation Tear
Economy NR/SBR 65±5 1.5±0.05 2.5MPa 200(%) 10N/mm Black
NR/SBR 50±5 1.35±0.05 3MPa 250(%) 15N/mm Black
NR/SBR 60±5 1.45±0.05 3MPa 250(%) 12N/mm Black
NR/SBR 65±5 1.5±0.05 3MPa 250(%) 12N/mm Black
NR/SBR 70±5 1.5±0.05 3MPa 250(%) 12N/mm Black
NR/SBR 80±5 1.55±0.05 3MPa 150(%) 15N/mm Black
NR/SBR 85±5 1.55±0.05 3MPa 100(%) 15N/mm Black
NR/SBR 90±5 1.65±0.05 3MPa 80(%) 15N/mm Black
Red NR/SBR 65~80±5 1.7±0.05 3.5MPa 250(%) 15N/mm Red
Grey NR/SBR 80±5 1.7±0.05 3.5MPa 250(%) 15N/mm Grey
Di-Electric Sheet
BS 921 IEC 61111
65±5 1.4±0.05 3MPa 250(%) 12N/mm Black
Anti-Static &
Retardant Sheet
80±5 1.5±0.05 5MPa 250(%) 15N/mm Black