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All Purpose Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting

 black fine ribbed matting rolls


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Product Specification

Shore A
Specific gravity




at break





Fine Ribbed Matting 65±5 1.5±0.05 3MPa 250% -25---+70 12N/mm Black
Colorful Fine Ribbed Matting 65±5 1.7±0.05 3.5MPa 300% -25---+70 12N/mm RedGreen, Grey
NBR Fine Ribbed Matting 65±5 1.4±0.05 5MPa 300% -25---70 12N/mm Black

Note: Multi colors and Materials available as your request.

red fine ribbed matting black fine ribbed mattinggrey fine ribbed mattinggreen fine ribbed matting

Fine ribbed rubber runner matting

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Rubber Roll Sizes

# Rubber Roll Sizes


♦  Rubber roll sizes

 0.7m x 10m x 2.5mm 

 1.0m x 10m x 2.5mm 

 1.2m x 10m x 2.5mm 

 1.4m x 10m x 2.5mm 

 0.7m x 10m x 3mm 

 1.0m x 10m x 3mm 

 1.2m x 10m x 3mm 

 1.4m x 10m x 3mm 

 1.0m x 10m x 4.5mm 

 1.2m x 10m x 4.5mm 

 1.0m x 10m x 6.0mm 

 1.2m x 10m x 6.0mm 

Other thickness’s & roll sizes to special order

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Features & Specs ♦ Features:

  • Economically priced
  • Calender machine made and roto-curer vulcanized  
  • Medium Hard - wearing & durable rubber
  • Slip resistant directional ribbed surface
  • Impression finish anti-creep reverse
  • Water proof solid rubber, no water absorption
  • Extensive colour range available to special order

♦ General specifications:- 

  • Polymer Type: SBR/NR 
  • Hardness: 65/75º 
  • Density - SG: 1.5 
  • Tensile Strength: 2.5 Mpa 
  • Elongation at break: 250% ~300%
  • Temperature Resistance: -20/+70ºC

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Product Description

♦ Product description:

This type of corrugated rubber rolls is produced with premium SBR and NR rubber. General used for covering the floors in buildings, industrial halls, stables etc. special grade or material compound of rubber can be used for safety electrical – for rooms with switchboards or devices that may cause current leakage.

 It is normally called corrugated fine ribbed rubber matting, we have black color normally. However, special colors were also ordered by clients occasionally, such as grey color fine fluted ribbed rubber matting, red fine fluted ribbed rubber matting and green fine fluted ribbed rubber matting. It is produced on rotocurer machine with a big fine ribbed pattern steel drum. In some areas people gave them different names such as fine ribbed rubber mat roll, ribbed rubber floor runner, Black V-Groove Utility Runner.

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Product Application

♦ Typical Application:

Tool Box and workbench: Protects surfaces from grease stains, oil spills, dings, dents, and scratches. Keep your tools and toolbox or workbench in pristine condition with our heavy duty rubber liner.

KEEPS STORAGE AREAS CLEAN: The fine ribbed texture patterned surface and fabric impression pattern on bottom provide excellent traction for less slipping and sliding around; makes a great liner for any kitchen cabinet, drawer, shelf, pantry, or other organizer, gray colour fine ribbed mats are widely ordered for this use.

PROFESSIONAL GRADE: A perfect solution for keeping your garage or shop clean, our rugged rubber liner is commercial quality, built to last, and can easily stand up to the toughest of messes

EASY TO CLEAN & CUTS TO SIZE: Top surface of the liners can be easily wiped down with soap and water for a fast clean; Cutting each mat is easy - simply use scissors or a utility knife to create a custom size for your project needs

RUGGED PROTECTION: Protects hard floors, tool boxes, and workbenches, from scratches, grease, dings and spills; Great on wood, laminate, cement and ceramic

ANTI-SLIP: V-groove channels drain water and provide traction to reduce slips and keep objects from sliding

ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from premium SBR/NR rubber materials, our waterproof, DINP free, phthalate free, Skid-Resistant rubber mat uses eco-friendly materials; does not contain any Prop 65 regulated contaminants. 

We encourage you to use this mat as wherever you want. Some ideas could be cool as well, for example, our client in South Africa had sold it to BMW and cut it into car mats and truck bed liner or truck bed mat; some clients used it as entrance mat, pet mats, garage mats, working table mats. For large institutions and commercial facilities, this is a great safety mat to keep in storage and use when wet weather may pose safety hazards indoor or outdoor.  More interesting, some users used it as a pattern mold when they made cements drive; some used them with children’s light clays to create V-groove shapes. Some people even DIY it into some arts for home decoration. It is your choice to decide how and where to use it. We are happy people like it and share their ideas with us and all other people.


Heavy duty Fine ribbed matting 6mm thickness

Heavy duty Fine ribbed matting 6mm thickness


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Company Introduction


Beijing Dewei Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a leading Chinese Rubber matting and workplace rubber matting producer. We provide multiple patterns and designs for our clients in the industry. Our quality and manufacturing procedures are strictly in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and Dewei’s extensive R&D facilities are available to find new products and materials to meet the needs of our customers.


Our Products are fully compliant to REACH, ROHS and PAH standards.


All the rubber matting can be produced in NR/SBR, Natural Rubber, EPDM, Nitrile, Neoprene for special purpose and application. We provide OEM service and custom assigned colors are available; in this case you may need to provide us the pantone color code.


Anti-skid surface design provides very good anti-slip performance. Material on surface is abrasion resistance which make the mat last long time in application. Easy installation and cleaning. Widely used as carpet in cars, trucks, gym, airport and station, etc.

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FAQ & Why buy from us?


Q -  How is your Corrugated Fine Rib mat produced?

A -  Our Corrugated Fine Rib mat is made from rotocurer which is continuous production. the continuous rolls would have uniform quality on each millimeter when the rubber goes through the big heating drum. The mat is produced as a perfect waterproof and antifatigue workplace/walking way mats in long runs. 


Q -  what is the package of the Corrugated Fine Rib mat and loading quantity?

A -  Our rubber Corrugated Fine Rib mat is in rolls of 10 meters and packed by plastic bags. we will put label on each roll to describe the product name, PO number, Size. if requested, we put barcode and weight information warning notice on the label. rolls will be packed on pallets. A label with packing details will be put on each pallet, well, PO number, quantity of each type of rubber will be put on to ease your future counting and warehouse management.

3mm rolls of 10 meters, 25 rolls/pallet

4.5mm rolls of 10 meters, 20 rolls/pallet

6mm rolls of 10 meters, 15 rolls/pallet

Pallet cost is USD13/pc.

20 to 23 tons of rubber rolls can be loaded in one 20 feet container without pallet packing.


Q -  How to cut the Corrugated Fine Rib mat easily?

A -  Like all rubber sheeting, a utility knife and some water will help the cutting. it is better get help from the place where you buy the Corrugated Fine Rib rubber mat, they will help you do the job Here is a good source to learn more. 



Q - How to clean the rubber mats?

A - Sweep loose debris off the mat. Use a broom to sweep all loose dirt, mud, and debris off of the rubber mat. If it is a large mat, use a push broom. If there is a lot of debris on the mat, you may need to sweep it multiple times. Scrub stains with a brush and soap. If there are particularly stubborn stains, you may need to use a cloth rag or brush. Scrub the stain with the rag or brush until the dirt is removed. If the stain won’t come up, use a bit of soap or water-based spray cleaner. Don’t use solvent-based cleaners. They can weaken the rubber. Use a hose to wash the mat. Take a garden hose and spray the mat with water. Use moderate to high pressure.  For more information please check:


Q - How to store the rubber mats?

A - it is highly recommend to store the rolled rubber mats in a bag after rinse and dry it when you don’t use it, please put it in a cool and dry place. Normally it can only be kept for 12 to 24 months if you don’t use it, as rubber may be destroyed in room temperature in open air because of Ozone. 


Q - Why some rubber mats smell bad or has peculiar unpleasant smell.

A - The odor is from the rubber compound. Many manufacturers use low quality recycle rubber and low quality oil/chemical additives which would give out peculiar smell, which could do harm to your health in everyday life. In our factory we never use these kinds of raw materials. We only purchase high quality additives and premium recycle rubber for our products, which are odorless or very light smell. This smell can disappear in two days when you open the product.

NOTE: Please pay much attention of the quotes from other suppliers that the cost may vary because of material used in production. Some factory may use low quality rubber which has odor smelling and do harm to people's health. Some rubber may cause serious marking on the original floor due to the cheap chemical additives extraction from the rubber sheet. Some cheap raw rubber contains metal piece which may damage your stamping blade/tooling and stop your production process. Our rubber sheet is produced for European market since year 2000, Our compound had been tested by Third party and comply to REACH and ROHS.




Q - How you control your quality better than other Chinese rubber mat companies?

A - We do as ISO QC program and have a higher standard on raw materials and quality system than others. we don't waste material and energy of the earth, we want to save the earth by producing durable products instead of low quality products.


Q - What is the difference of your products from others?

A - You won’t suffer from odor and find metal pieces in rubber sheeting that you may have got from other manufacturers, because we have extra process at the beginning of the compounding to filter the metal pieces, it reduced the risk of damage the stamping tooling in your workshop or your client’s shop. We put your business value on top of the cooperation. It is a safety investment which saves time and money for your future business. This will help you win trust and long term contracts from your clients.  the price may be slightly little higher than others while our quality and service is guaranteed and  big reliability of supply save your troubles & company image. Every details are for a better product and long term interest of the clients and our company. You will benefit from our quality and friendship.

We also has online thickness QA by machine in production system, which ensured the consistent thickness on all length of the roll. The online trimming system ensured the width is consistent along the direction. Each rubber roll will be inspected 100% by worker before packing in rolls.  All rolls will be trimmed as your specified length and width, No cheating. We will label on package of the rolls when we pack them, we train our workers properly in packing and all products will be correctly labeled. 

We load rubber rolls on pallets if you need, we also load rolls directly in container to save shipping cost. We calculate the quantity before you confirm the order, we will load maximum rolls for you to save your shipping cost. We put safety on priority in loading layouts, not only the goods safety, but also the personal safety in loading and unloading in your terminal when your workers open the container. All measurements in our production and loading are helping you get better products and protect your business Value.


Q – If this mat can be used in oil and grease place?

A – Not recommended, we recommend the NBR/NR compound for such application. SBR/NR is fair to oil and grease, but NBR/NR is a more preferable choice. NBR has great resistance to Oil and grease. please contact us by info(@) to inquiry this product.


Q - If this mat can be used as electric switchboard?

A – No. we have Electric switch board fine ribbed matting complying to BS-921 for your choice. We also has Class I and 0 electric insulation matting. please contact us by info(@) to inquiry this product.


Q - Why Calendered  and roto-curer vulcanized Rubber sheeting is better than press vulcanization machine?

 A - Let’s go to check this link here and read “what’s a calender machine?”